Employee Wellness Program Collateral Rebrand

  • Benefits program redesign, new wellness year mailer

    This was the first piece released in the series, a home mailer announcing the new wellness year start and new program look to employees.
  • Benefits program redesign, BeneBits employee newsletter

    The BeneBits newsletter is a home mailer to employees with articles related to general wellness and health plan news/information. The self-mailing newsletter was redesigned in more appealing colors with clear divisions between articles for better readability.
  • Benefits program redesign, wellness challenge pdf flyers

    As part of the wellness program, the Benefits Department regularly organized monthly wellness "challenges" in which employees would participate to earn credits towards a discount on their benefit plans. Each challenge has a different topic and to save on printing costs, a pdf flyer template was created. Each month, this pdf template is updated with the new challenge name, applicable photos, a new dominant color chosen from the color palette and is distributed via email to office workers and all HR departments.
  • Benefits program redesign, open enrollment workbook

    The FlexCHOICE program encompasses collateral related to the annual open enrollment process when employees review the available health plans and make their selections for the following year. The cornerstone of the communications is the workbook for employees, which discusses all the health plan details as well as example scenarios to aid in making a selection. Thus, a clean layout with easy-to-understand typographic hierarchy was very important.
  • Examples of other program collateral executed in this style (I provided art direction to our team of designers to maintain visual consistency with the new brand look)
  • Project created while with Saint-Gobain. Do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Kristin Dankanich.