Emma, Inc. HOW Conference Promotion

  • "Define Your Emma Style" Promotion
    Strategy, design, illustration and production
  • At the HOW Conference in Austin, TX, we wanted to connect our presence from the vendor booth to our speaking session and back home with the attendees. Using profiles of our creative customers, we created character buttons and luggage tags that attendees could use to personalize their conference bags, laptop cases or their sweet, homemade Tiffany denim jacket.
  • Attendees received stylish button packs in their conference bag that directed them to our vendor booth via a sticker on the back. The plastic packaging was easy to open, made of 100% recycled plastic and recyclable.
  • At the booth, attendees were able to pick up brochures and postcards with current email marketing best practices and tips.
  • At the booth, attendees could pick up a luggage tag by dropping their business card in the bowl that matched their character choice. Following the conference, tag recipients received a personalized email from their character with more communication tips.

    Sharpies were kept on hand so they could write their name the tag and attach it to their conference bag, separating it from the masses and giving us additional exposure at the conference.
  • To promote our speaking session, invitations were set up on the table for attendees to take with them. The opposite side featured a checklist leave-behind with best practices for email marketing that you can keep at your desk. The card also doubled as a bookmark for the conference program.