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Created: 01/01/10
Last Edited: 06/05/13
Identity/Logo Design for edmunds.com and edmunds.com live! Exhibition design for trade exhibit and consumer auto show that toured the country. Launch of website and internet presence. Creative Director & Designer: David La Cava
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  • edmunds.com Web Launch & Brand Redesign
    Edmund's Publishing, Inc. had been in business over 30 years, publishing car prices for consumers. In keeping with the direction publishing has taken, Edmund's wanted to reposition their company and change their name to edmunds.com. To position their web site as the main venue for accessing consumer friendly auto buying content I created this unique, flexible identity program to ensure the successful launch of the site and repositioning of the company.

    The identity and branding system is still in use today and a thriving success. Edmunds.com is often quoted in ads for all the major automakers and has reached the stature of JD Powers and Consumer Reports in automotive reviews and ratings.
  • edmunds.com Logo
    © edmunds.com. All Rights Reserved.
    Art Direction & Design: David La Cava
    Add'l. Design: Sabrina Li, Alice Flanjak
  • edmunds live! Logo & Trade Graphics
    After the terrific success with their new identity, edmunds.com marketing team wanted to develop an interactive auto show entitled, “edmunds live!” to reinforce the new brand and help drive traffic to the newly launched site. It was the industry’s first automotive event of its kind and the only auto show where you could test drive over 120 vehicles, talk to experts, and experience all things automotive.
  • © edmunds.com. All Rights Reserved.
    Art Direction & Design: David La Cava
    Add'l. Design: Alice Flanjak

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