Edge of Ember Branding

  • Socially conscious company Edge of Ember needed a modern but feminine logo to represent their fashion philanthropy brand. Described as 'an evolving series of accessories handcrafted by local artisans in developing Asia', the company collaborates with people in places like Cambodia, Nepal and Vietnam and reinvests part of their profits back into the communities.

    Focusing on the concept of linking communities (artisans to buyers) as well as the cyclical nature of the business (profits going back to these communities), the logo below was developed. The lotus flower is a ubiquitous symbol all around Asia and here is hand-drawn with a single connected stroke, stylized to resemble the flames of a fire. It's a feminine visual—itself a representation of beauty and awakening—that softens the angles and lines of the typography.

    Once conceived and designed, the logo was applied to business cards which feature a unique die-cut to accentuate the lines of the lotus. The packaging for the jewelry brand was also developed, with the aim of keeping an earthy feel while maintaining femininity and luxury. Three box sizes were developed (two shown here) for use in both retail environments and for shipping, as well as corresponding cards to hold the jewelry pieces in place.