Eddie Izzard Magazine Spread

  • Eddie Izzard: A Majeure Force of Nature
    A Magazine Spread for Entertainment Weekly
  • While objectively looking at My Book I realized that I was missing that one staple of most books, a magazine spread. Quite awhile back in my Typography class I had done a layout for Entertainment Weekly based on the most wonderful and glorious of comedians, Eddie Izzard. Going back and looking at the layout with fresh eyes was a bit painful, in that I had learned a lot in the intervening years and had much I wanted to change. Not to mention the magazine had changed it's style, so I needed to conform my design to their new layout. Taking the bones of the original layout I went back in and fixed everything that bothered me. I even went on to write the article to focus on his new career developments and his upcoming 'Force Majeure' tour. Everything fell into place and it was fun giving new life to this old project.