Shearman & Sterling wanted to improve its own eco-footprint on afirm-wide scale and believed that utilizing the intranet to do so wasthe most eco-friendly, accessible and effective way to reach theaudience. An eco logo was designed to appear on various collateral andthe firms intranet site as part of this initiative. An on-going seriesof posters were also created to encourage environmental awareness andemployee participation. The posters are made available to the firms 19offices through the intranet site to print on an as needed basis.

    Each set of posters provides both an environmental fact and a callto action. Periodically, new posters are added to the campaigntargeting different environmental messages. To draw traffic andencourage employee participation, a static banner on the landing pagefor Earth Day and World Environment Day, linked users to the eco intranet page where an animation provided both an environmental fact and a call to action.

    This was the first comprehensive electronic internal campaign thattargeted all employees of the firm. It not only implemented thecampaign firm-wide across 19 offices, but it did so in an eco-friendlyway which further reinforced the environmentally conscious behaviorthat the firm would like to see in its employees.

  • Logo for an internal environmental initiative for a legal firm.

  • Freestanding banner highlighting 10 small things employees can do to make a big difference on the environment.

  • An example of an intranet banner used to drive employees from thelanding page of the intranet site to the environmental page. Shown hereis a banner used on Earth Day.

  • "Ask for Tap" poster series.

  • "Use a Mug" poster series.