Eat Healthy

Created: 04/06/11
Last Edited: 11/20/12
Eat Healthy Poster
  • Eat Healthy
    A Poster for a Cause
    11x17 in
  • Studio assignment for Fall 2010.

    The prompt: choose a cause or personal belief that you want to communicate to a specific demographic - specifically one with the same traits as your parents. Yes. My parents. Then design a promotional/persuasive poster.

    My cause is basically: Eat healthy people! Or at least know what you put into your mouth. Know where it's been. Know what food processes it has undergone. Know if its soaking with genetic alterations or hormones or chemicals or whatnot. Basically, try not to infest your body with things it doesn't need.

    So, do you know what's in YOUR food?

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