Created: 04/03/13
Last Edited: 04/03/13
Founded in 1971 as the legal defense fund for the Sierra Club, Earthjustice is the nation’s original environmental law organization. Earthjustice pioneered environmental law, but had difficulty standing apart from the many other environmental organizations competing for donor support and market attention.

Working with brand strategy firm Tait Subler, Earthjustice had recently completed an internal repositioning process to define and articulate the organization’s core purpose. It was now time to bring the strategy to life. In partnership with Hen’s Teeth Branding, our team was tasked with developing a brand identity that would reflect the new brand positioning. We created a bold new expression and helped Earthjustice learn to speak with a strong, impactful voice.
  • Earthjustice is the nation’s original environmental law organization, built on the belief that a healthy environment for all is a right. The new brand expression provides a refreshed primary identity with icon and wordmark, along with a color palette to serve a variety of communication needs. The design elements work together to support the brand’s voice, which is bold, strong, impactful and active.
  • The Earthjustice identity system comes to life through a series of applications that own the brand’s graphic look and feel. The brand’s signature visual expression is made up of a mix of conceptual imagery, graphic violators, color and typography.
  • Solid colors bring life to branded messages, and bold typography serves to make an impact and engage with the audience. Photography is cropped tightly to focus the message, always providing a clear point of view.
  • Work shown reflects conceptual and directional recommendations.

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