Earth House Collective

Created: 08/22/12
Last Edited: 05/23/13
Finding design and branding solutions within a nonprofit organization led me to interning and implementing what could help improve them.
  • An organizational analysis and how to reach the IUPUI audience
  • Mapping Techniques Discussed:
    SWOT Analysis
    Organizational Audit
    4D Branding
    Marketing Aesthetics Contiuums
    Target Audience Personas
    Unique Selling Propositions
    Value Disciplines
    Creative Briefs
  • Cover for the book
  • Page from final book; Earth House Collective image and SWOT Analysis
  • Page from final book; 4D Branding
  • Page from final book; Survey Data
  • Organizational mapping, internally and externally
  • I continued in my Spring 2012 semester as an intern for the Earth House Collective, where I began putting my suggestions into actions. I created internship applications, designed banners, and developed posters to place around campus for opportunities and events at the Earth House. Following is a banner I created.

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