Early Design Phase

  • reThink
    Magazine about fashion, design, music, literature and photography.
  • reThink is a magazine I created from scratch that deals with contemporary fashion, design, music, literature and photography artists.
    Please, take a moment to see full digital version here.
  • Back cover and cover.
  • Retro exaggerated inspired fake ad.
  • Article about Italian designer Cristina Chiappini.
  • Fashion spread which has to be rotated in order to be read.
  • Fashion spread which has to be rotated in order to be read.
  • Music calendar which has to be rotated to be read.
    Endangered reading

    This is a water color illustration with the theme "Endangered". I decided to illustrate how reading on real paper is being endangered, therefore iPods are taking over, the real
  • The Mathematics of Type
    Typographic experience

    This is a typographic experiment in my early years as a graphic designer. The whole idea behind it is that every character has a geometric element to it and is numbered correspondingly. Garamond is the typeface of choice.
    Fashion Designer

    Logo, business cards and assistance on paper choice for resume for a fashion designer. She wanted it to be sleek, classic, modern and of course, fashionable. She also wanted me to work with blacks and gray only.
    Composing lives, creating dreams

    HBR is a Brazilian music company that provides support and an entire infra-structure for new talents. The company has its founder located in NY, therefore there is a vital link between USA and Brazil. My job here was to create a logo, tagline, business cards.
  • The logo plays with the idea of a guitar pick. The font speaks music. Yellow and green are the colors of Brazil.
  • Die-cut 100% recycled paper.
  • Rock CD promotional material.
  • Website.