• Evenson Design Group believes in creating environmentally responsible designs that not only preserve our natural resources but also sustain our clients.

    Like many people who turn 30, Evenson Design Group has undergone a profound awakening, and as a result, our purpose is more clear than ever: to create inspired designs for companies seeking to sustain market value in an increasingly interdependent world.

    For years, EDG has created fresh design solutions that aesthetically demonstrate balance, simplicity and efficiency the underlying values of the emerging environmental movement. Each core value represents a different perspective in apprehending one central, universal theme: integrity.
    Integrity is the common denominator of all sustainable systems and graphic design is no exception. The integrity of our work comes through in our ability to develop brands and marketing campaigns which produce enduring results in the marketplace without imposing harsh enduring effects on the fragile world we share.

    To that end, EDG ventures beyond switching to more efficient light bulbs and turning down thermostats; were speaking with our clients about alternative ways of communicating their brand: sustainable ways that propel their brand and our commitment to further our own environmental awareness. Please join EDG in saving our precious resources by using minimal packaging materials, printing with earth-conscious inks and recycled papers, or even using e-announcements rather than timber. No effort is ever too small. Learn more about what you, your friends, family and workplace can do to protect the environment. Remember, were all in this together.