EMRA Welcome Kit

Created: 09/21/10
Last Edited: 12/04/12
EMRA asked us to help them improve their welcome kit for new members. They settled on a SOTC Uline mailing box, and we designed a mailing sleeve and a welcome brochure that drives new members to the website. The goal was to create an event in the mail.
  • The Emergency Physicians Residents Association asked us to help them improve the experience of their new members by designing a vessel for their new member welcome kits. Although they had originally thought we'd be using a large label or sticker affixed to the box, we argued that a mailing sleeve would be easier to apply consistently, and it would create a better impression on the recipient.

    We saved on printing costs by going with a two-color design, but ultimately kept the layout engaging by picking bright colors based on the Association's existing color palette.

    We also designed a rolling-fold brochure that unfolds to reveal panels revealing the types of benefits EMRA offers its members, and drives new members to the website for more information.
  • The finished size of the brochure is 4.5" square, so you can imagine that holding the fully unfurled 27" brochure is pretty awesome, especially when you're looking at the interior, which is extremely bright.

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