EMC NS20 Promotion

Created: 02/05/10
Last Edited: 11/17/12
Project Info
  • EMC’s Velocity2 team needed to make their North American partners aware of a significant update to a product that previously hadn’t performed to expectations. The team wanted to gain acceptance and excitement from the partners so that they would be inclined to generate sales momentum. In order to do this, EMC first needed to get their attention and captivate them to deliver the product’s latest features and benefits.

    Alongside the Velocity2 marketing team, Hart-Boillot designed a “desk bomb” " a piece of unmistakably noticeable marketing collateral " to garner attention from the partners. Hart-Boillot
    determined that an old-school approach with low-tech mechanics would stand out and gain the undivided attention of the audience for 20-30 seconds.

    The Hart-Boillot team developed a simple box containing a ViewFinder with nine slides, each with an important feature or benefit of the product updates. The ViewFinder was supported by multiple sets of cards containing the same features.

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