Ellipsis: a system of ideas

Created: 05/16/13
Last Edited: 03/27/14
This is the visualization of two designers thought processes of structuring information. Both systems dealt with omission, whether that be based on our narratives jumping from one scene to the next, or the abstracted phrases of free form poetry.
  • ELLIPSIS is two perspectives on the structure of information. This is the way in which all words and phrases are placed in order with meaning, but moving one piece of that information, the whole structure is at risk of changing meaning or being interpreted incorrectly. 
  • THE DIVERGE METHOD is restructuring information based on changing small moments that change how the viewer interprets the message. This method focuses is on the user’s ability to directly relate to the text through the English standard of reading, left to right, top to bottom. 

    THE DISPERSE METHOD is the deconstruction of information to form new meaning. There is no clear focus initially, causing the viewer to search in the unknown. This method focuses on each user finding their own connection to the piece.
  • The booklets reflect the differences in method and similarities in message with corresponding pages. Basically, the comparison of "Your Life As A Poet," a narrative that A.De Sando wrote and compared+broke down W. Vong's final poetic text/poem and found oddly enough similarities in the story being told.

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