• Elettrocomunitari
    Home Appliances Sharing Service
  • Elettrocomunitari are a new family of home appliances, where the owner is not a single person anymore, but a small community of people. 

    Improving the use of domestic appliances in a sustainable way could also mean leading/directing design, production, usage and recycle to simplicity and efficiency: consuming well and less could mean producing less, decreasing and controlling e-waste.

    Elettrocomunitari has placed in the top 1o in Samsung Young Designer Award 2011.
  • Elettrocomunitari appliances will be shared in a specific area of the apartment building, where they're stored; this area is divided into different rooms, with separated accesses for different sharers team, composed of 3-4 families.

    Each family will be provided with a personal R-FID tag keycard, required to access the storage area, were hardware and software will help users in the Elettrocomunitari service.
  • The Control panel is positioned out of the storage area, making possible account identification, unlock the appliances when needed (always respecting reservations), consulting the time schedule and eventually signing in free slots.
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