ELECTROLUX: Make Love, Not Carbon

Created: 07/30/08
Last Edited: 11/27/12
For an online dishwasher campaign in Europe, Electrolux wanted to inform consumers that using a dishwasher is beneficial in reducing dishwater usage as well as quarrelling due to domestic tasks such as cleaning. The campaign would be primarily driven by a documentary of unhappy couples that are given new home appliances and vice versa. To further disperse this concept and film, a movie site would be developed before the theatrical release. The context of the site is situated where a voyeuristic neighbor tries to make sense of all the daily steam next door without being noticed- Through a detection script of the user's gestural manner when defogging, the user will attempt by selecting or writing actual questions to further reveal a back story on the upcoming release and/or key facts on how to be energy efficient with appliances.

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