EFS Screen Printing

  • EFS Screen Printing
    Identity Brand & System
  • The purpose for this project was to develop an identity brand that would serve as either a self-promotion or brand development for another company. I chose to do a self-promotion for a future outlook on a screen print company. The idea behind "EFS" came from my initials.
  • For the first drawings I wanted to incorporate some sort of pictograph that would represent screen printing.

    • Squeegee
    • Mesh Frames
    • 4 Color Press Station
    • Ink

    Likewise, I began to think about my initials. In cursive there are many shapes and connections that make up the letters. Visually, I liked how the curves of the letters began to shape themselves as a potential brand. In order for a brand to be memorable it needs to be; short, concise, and straight to the point.

  • This is first flattened image of my drawing shown in both filled and outlined.

  • Finalized Design.
  • The colors represent my high school's school pride. I began screen printing during my junior of high school and incorporating those colors with this design was a way of paying homage from my upbringing.

    I literally wanted the brand to "burn" off the page. In graffiti there is a term called "burners" in which an artist would decorate their pieces with a lot of color and detail as if it were to burn off the wall. From that same concept, I transformed a flattened render of this logo into more of a perspective view.