• Animated Prototype
    This digital poster prototype was conceptualized out of my frustrations as a "non-programmer". Passive interactions, like this poster, are often difficult to express through sketches and static mock-ups. Using my knowledge of AfterFx and research on potential motion tracking platforms, I created an environment to express the concept of the piece by using actual footage. I am currently working with programmers in the realization of this poster using the OpenFrameworks and OpenCV platforms. 

  • Working Prototype

    I eventually presented my prototype to friend Shaun Dubuque who helped me create this working prototype of the poster. The poster was exhibited at the 2012 MFA in Design Exhibition at the University of Texas. 

    The animated prototype helped Shaun in development immensely as it articulated a solid framework in which to plan and develop the system– expressing much of the "in between" moments otherwise lost in the presentation of static comps.