E-Commerce Gift Card Website Redesign

  • e-Commerce Gift Card Website Redesign
  • Situation
    A large western Pennsylvania grocery chain was looking for ways to enhance and streamline their online gift card purchasing process. Objectives of the redesign included:  allowing more customers from various geographical areas to purchase gift cards online and increasing their overall gift card revenue. 

    The existing gift card site offered limited interactions and few visuals. Users were unable to search for gift cards and the add to cart functionality was confusing. Competitive research indicated that many e-commerce sites were offering more robust features and functionality that could be used to improve the overall user experience.

    Strategic goals
    Create an online gift card purchasing experience that enables users to more easily browse, locate and purchase gift cards.

    Information architecture and site interactions were updated to allow users to more easily browse and locate gift cards. 

  • Home Page Wireframe
  • Sitemap Overview
  • Sitemap Detail
  • Browse All Retailer Feature
    A browse all retailer feature allowed users to browse gift cards in alphabetical sort order using a scroll bar feature or quickly find a retailer of interest by clicking on the jump link corresponding to the first letter of the retailer’s name.  

  • Quick View Feature
    New features included the addition of a quick view feature that allows users to quickly view and add gift cards to a shopping list for in store purchase or a shopping cart for online purchase.