Dryhootch Logo Design

Created: 08/11/12
Last Edited: 05/13/14
This are logo redesign concepts for a non-profit organization called, Dryhootch. None of these concepts are being used for the actual business.
  • Dryhootch Rebranding
    Logo Designs
  • Dryhootch is a coffeehouse for the entire community that also "provides veterans and their families with a stable, substance-free environment to gather, grow, and enhance their post-service life experience." The following logo designs were created to appeal to service members as well as the surrounding community. 
  • While familiar to the existing Dryhootch logo, this logo offers a cleaner look. The cup was given dimension and integrates with the typography where the handle becomes the “D.” The font still has a hint of a military look while remaining approachable to civilian visitors.
  • This version of the logo offers a fun and dynamic execution. The angled typography and “sketched” shapes of both the letters and the cup are very welcoming to new visitors. The color choice and the hootch cup both still hint at the military background of Dryhootch.
  • This logo design is influenced by the medals awarded to U.S. combat soldiers. It serves as a reminder to both active and veteran solders that their services are appreciated. The shape resembles that of a shield, suggesting that Dryhootch is a place of protection and healing. The typography was influenced by the interior sculpture sign in your Brady St. location.

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