Created: 11/15/11
Last Edited: 11/20/12
Ongoing series of drawings.
  • By a sense or by the mind
    A series of drawings based on human perception
  • It is not always possible to see the entirety of what is there. Most of the time you only see the exterior surface and not the inner workings, materials, processes, thoughts and pieces. Even with a simple surface it is not possible to see every part or detail. Human eyesight has limitations. With increased distance, something complex or ornate breaks down and becomes simpler and smoother, details disappear and we are limited to a generalized view of the whole. I believe that we also consciously do this, taking something complex and searching for a way to simplify and understand.
  • "Towards Existence". 2009. 20" x 50." Charcoal, medium on paper.
  • "Relative visibility."  2009. 60" x 42" (each). Charcoal, medium on paper.
  • "Everything, Nothing." 2009. 42" x 42" (each). Mixed medium, charcoal on paper.
  • "Nothing" detail.
  • "by a sense of by the mind." 2010. 155" x 15.25." Paper.
  • "by a sense of by the mind" detail.
  • "Obscure." 2010. 30" x 20." India ink, thread, paper.
  • "Obscure" detail.

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