Drawing Bigfoots

Created: 03/04/13
Last Edited: 05/20/13
It was a slow build to creating The Ouliers. I had a snippet of a comic about a boy and Sasquatch running through my head - and he was a colossal beast, not the standard pointy-headed hominid variety. Of course, when I began to sketch, the vision evaporated and I had to find the idea again like a police composite sketch from my mind’s eye and based the many Bigfoot interpretations I’ve seen and heard before. A few of these gag ideas emerged along the way, but finally a matted, almost Rastafarian character emerged, partially inspired by my old shaggy-haired cocker spaniel mix, Bosco. Now I’m curious to see if he cleans up well down the line. http://theoutliers.bigcartel.com

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