Dozen on Denver

  • A Dozen on Denver
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  • Application of the process I started with Lites. Images were taken along Larimer Street in Denver and then edited and combined to create 12 illustrations for a project that chronicled life in Denver during the life span of the Rocky Mountain News. The project asked 12 well-known Colorado writers to each craft a short story that took place during a particular decade. Unfortunately the link to the stories appears as dead as the paper.
  • It's November 1880, and the Angel of Death is Having a Bad Day — Joanne Greenberg
  • Fence Busters — Manual Ramos (1950s)
  • The Welcome — Arnold Grossman (1960s)
  • The Color of the Impression — Laura Pritchett
  • Heirlooms — Robert Pogue Ziegler (The future)