Down Ah Yard Jamaican Cookbooks

Created: 05/04/13
Last Edited: 05/14/13
Down Ah Yard is a Jamaican cookbook series featuring traditional Jamaican recipes and cultural articles that seeks to immerse the reader in Jamaican culture.
  • Down Ah Yard Jamaican Cookbooks is a series of cookbooks that I designed and produced for my Graphic Design Senior Thesis. The name is a Jamaican phrase meaning 'at home', or 'at or located in Jamaica'. The books covered a variety of traditional Jamaican dishes, as well as providing cultural footnotes about life in Jamaica.
  • This exhibition was set up by me, displaying all the materials and stationary that I branded and produced. The books were designed in Adobe InDesign, and published through I presented the exhibition space, a branded website designed by me, and all finished materials for this thesis.
  • The following are two posters that would hang in a bookstore to promote the books.
  • In addition to the books, a brandbook detailing the aspects of the brand was to be presented. This book detailed the color choice, font choice, formating, layout, etc.

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