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Created: 01/12/14
Last Edited: 05/23/14
A collection of projects from work and university.
  • First Place entry in University of Baltimore book design contest
  • Turf Valley fourth quarter sales initiative
  • Ad for Alexandra's restaurant appearing in multiple magazines including Howard Magazine and Her Mind.
  • Turf Valley Member's Calendar
  • 2014 Wedding Brochure for sales and catering
  • Turf Valley ads appearing in Howard Magazine, Her Mind, Business Monthly, Sun Magazine, and others.
  • Turf Valley transport van and thank you cards
  • Turf Valley Spa Brochure
  • Logo for Catholic Club at the University of Baltimore
  • CCBC brochures
  • "Veer" project where I used my own photography
  • Two CCBC projects: one is the community garden sign and the other is the Summer Camp T-shirts
  • Runner up entry for CCBC design showcase, publication design
  • An illustrated runner up entry in CCBC calendar design project
  • UB Type Poster class project
  • Two page layout class projects
  • University of Baltimore video project where I was responsible for screenwriting, filming, production, editing, and directing.
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