Doodle Series

Created: 12/29/11
Last Edited: 11/21/12
I began the project with three small "doodles" drawn with a felt tip pen on paper. I transferred the files to my computer and turned them into vectors in order to project them onto the large watercolor paper trace them. The last step was painting the design. My goal was to take the intricate doodles I like to draw and blow them up to large scale so the viewer could fully appreciate the details.
  • "Doodle" Series
    Sumi Ink on Watercolor Paper 3'2" x 4'8"
  • I have always loved to doodle, but for this project I decided to bring them into large scale. Since I am a graphic designer, who also loves to draw, this project really defines my style, and ended up being one of my favorite projects in my portfolio.

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