Don't Turn A Blind Eye

  • Don't Turn A Blind Eye
    Socially aware public art
  • Inspired by street art, murals, and graffiti, “Don’t Turn a Blind Eye” is a grass-roots, guerilla marketing campaign targeted at raising public awareness surrounding political and social current affairs. The Blind Eye logo is intended to educate and inspire people from spectator to participant, encouraging them to take an active roll to help shape our world. Don’t turn a Blind Eye addresses such issues as media disinformation, corporate injustice, and any industry that threatens our physical or mental spaces.
  • Graffiti today is more visible, less cryptic and communicates to a wider audience.  Sometimes images speak louder than words as they reflect the world around it.
  • Characters, creatures and letterforms fill volumes of sketchbooks in the Beindorff Design studio. Sketches are a central part of the working method as preliminary concepts evolve into final artwork.