Discovery Fest 2011

Created: 05/08/12
Last Edited: 11/29/12
An outdoors art and science festival held over the summer in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Discovery Fest 2011
  • The city of San Antonio has approached us to create a mark and all of their environmental and infographics for Discovery Fest, a children’s outdoor science and art festival to be held at Brackenridge Park. The festival will be held annually, so it is important that all of the pieces can be stored easily and be made of material durable enough to withstand the weather and people. The immediate goal is to create an atmosphere in the park related to the festival and to create pieces that inform people where they are going and what to expect when they arrive to a certain area.
  •  Discovery Fest 2011 full color with texture mark
  •  Full color mark without texture
  •  Grayscale with texture
  •  Grayscale without texture
  • Volunteer baseball shirts
    Left: Art-related volunteer shirts
    Right: Science-related volunteer shirts
  • Set of three entrance signs (front)
  •  Set of three entrance signs (back)
  • Directional sign
  • Interactive environmental graphic
    Left: front
    Right: back

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