Digital Textuality Image Project

  • Recently, I was approached by Alex Lazaris, a future star Art Director, regarding help on a project he looked to execute for a class he is attending. I am always cautious and skeptical about entertaining such project. However, his passion for the project and grasp of the underlying narrative sold me immediately. We spent the day in a very small apartment carving out these comparative images and the outcome is striking in it's simplify and message. It was fun to step outside of my comfort zone and participate. Below Alex describes the motivation behind the project.

    In advertising, we constantly see beautiful women scantily clad selling a product, service, lifestyle, or belief.  The purpose behind this series is to challenge the trend of misogyny in advertising.  In order to truly juxtapose the sex and almost pornographic nature of these images we contrasted the gorgeous models with average every day males with their natural skin.  The results of the remakes are almost disgusting on their own, yet when compared side to side with the female models, the pieces have a much deeper and profound meaning.