Digital Outlook Report

  • 2010 Razorfish Outlook Report
    Print and Photography
  • My work was selected and published in the sixth annual Razorfish Outlook Report, available as an online presentation at: This report offers a snapshot of current trends shaping the future of marketing and media, focused on the theme of 'transformational change'.

    The 'Big Idea'
    Technology is ubiquitous as it touches every part of our lives.
    Visually, the Art Direction was to use Holga cameras as a way to both interpret our 'evolve' theme and to leverage the creative potential of the camera itself. If you aren’t aware: Holgas have the ability to create some interesting images through double exposures, light seepage and overall differences in the way they are constructed.

    The Razorfish Outlook Report also reflects the global Razorfish culture in an organic way: we crowd-sourced all of the beautiful images from our global network of talented employees. I participated along with 15 other photographers to shoot all original images. In fact, the photos used in the book represent only a fraction of the photographs you submitted. You can check out all of our photographs on Flickr.