Digital MessageMaking

Created: 02/14/12
Last Edited: 10/21/14
A Post-Production design with found images and juxtaposing them. I tried to express the concept, "Optimism vs. Pessimism."

Digital/Print: Best of Quarter Spring2011

Instr: Sheridan Lowrey, AiCALA
  • The purpose of this project was to create a vertical scroll by the using found images and juxtaposing them to
    create amessage both visually and in context. By this postproduction process, I tried to express the concept, 
    "Optimism vs. Pessimism." The final design was made into a poster unique to the layout.
    Print Design
    The physical design is similar to a calendar.
    While certain sections are divided, they are connected by spirals and are scored, not actually cut.
    Other parts fold at/to a precise point adding to the design structurally, visually, and conceptually.
  • Dimensions Digital/Print: (11x50in)
    Thanks for viewing!

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