Digital Illustration

Created: 01/28/13
Last Edited: 04/29/14
A collection of digital illustrations.

  • PLEASE NOTE: unless specified, any project work shown in this portfolio which references existing products or brand names has been created only to showcase my skills and abilities, and is in no way associated with any activities of the license-holders of those brands or products.
  • SNOWWHITE wouldn't find the difference between the real thing and the digital one!
  • THIS ILLUSTRATION can be used endlessly in different contexts. Here is used for a seasonal mailer.
  • CUBIST INTERPRETATION of motherhood.
  • MOTHERHOOD seen through Matisse's style.
  • ILLUSTRATION used in shower invite.
  • VENICE-digital "impression."
  • ILLUSTRATION used for brand repositioning.
  • BOUNCY shoes in space. Adventure time!
  • ILLUSTRATION used for advertisement of a new brand.

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