• Paint the Town
    I entered this poster into a contest at my university. The university wanted to display artwork in the new Hancock Visitors Center on campus. They were looking for artwork that featured Lynchburg or Virginia as a whole. So I decided why not! I took this picture in downtown Lynchburg and then had some fun with it in Photoshop adding different layers of paint splatters and such. I entered it into the contest and it was one of the pieces selected to be on display for the next year! I’m really pleased with it!

  • Untitled Collage [at the moment].
    As an artist I want to convey that from the very beginning our ideas are initially stemmed from the heart. Once birthed our ideas begin to grow and as they cultivate the gears in our mind begin to turn as we develop and conceptualize various thoughts until what we think are ‘just ideas’ transform into great concepts that we can then portray through our own unique creative process. 
    All of the images you see are my own personal photography.