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Created: 01/25/13
Last Edited: 02/06/14
Collection of my work.
  • PLEASE NOTE: unless specified, any project work shown in this portfolio which references existing products or brand names has been created only to showcase my skills and abilities, and is in no way associated with any activities of the license-holders of those brands or products.
  • DIGITAL ILLUSTRATION is intriguing. This one was done for a seasonal mailer. Digital illustrations can evoke the same emotions as drawings done with traditional media. Likewise, digital art with its vibrant colors can trigger memory, give sensation, and stimulate association. This apple, in fact, supports this company communications needs significantly.
  • TRADITIONAL MEDIA still have a plce in our world. This very detailed flower was done with three different graphite pencils-from the hardest to the softest-to create an illustration with aesthetic qualities that bear some connection to the natural world. This carefully considered simplicity has the power to quiet our busy mind.
  • THE GUHYASAMAJA CENTER  is a Buddhist center and a non-profit organization. It offers venues to learn about Buddhism and methods for calming the mind and cultivating positive emotions.I did my first internship with the center and worked on many rewarding projects.
  • POSTERS ARE THE RIGHT advertisement medium for promoting events and for reaching a broadest audience because they can be easily placed anywhere.They allow to select the best places that have a greater visibility, so that more people belonging to the target audience can access the information. The Buddha is shaped by words that belong to his principles. The vibrant colors and design are reminiscent of traditional Buddhist aesthetic introduced with a fresh appeal. 
  • EMOTIONS ARE POWERFUL "variables" that affect behavior, relationships, evaluation and consideration. In fact, it is reported that there is no such thing as a purely rational decision but there are purely emotional decisions. Good advertising acknowledges this variables. The execution of this concept does not rely on a traditional sale message. It shows, instead, a keen awareness of what consumers like, how they think, and what is important to them. Photoshop has been used to make this photomontage.
  • PHOTOSHOP IS THE MOST POWERFUL image editing program. With PS is, in fact, easy to manipulate images and experiment with concepts. I worked on isolating image areas for changes and adjustments. The layout comes from an outside source and has been modified to create a fictitious magazine. The image was created by combining two images and edited in Photoshop. Both the layout and pictures come from outside source.
  • THE FAIRFAX COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOL wanted to implement a new strategy that would help children handle stress in school.The success of this concept depended on how well the product would connect with its audience-teenagers. The cover, with its elements, captures a visual experience that its audience can relate to. This project was created in both Photoshop and InDesign. The template includes measurements and legend. All elements of this project-from the colorful palette to the experimental typography-were designed to resonate with the target audience.
  • A VERY BASIC PRINCIPLE THAT DEFINES the needs of web design is visibility. Animation is one of the most effective visual methods for promoting and enhancing the character of web design. When it’s simple, it becomes a powerful asset that drives more traffic to a site. Web site for a daycare center. This site was developed in Flash and includes a splash page with animation and sound, plus five panels with related information. Though, I’m not a big fan of Flash as a Web design tool, occasionally I use it to provide users with a platform alternative and a custom-made look that goes beyond the HTML box model.
  • WHEN A COMPANY ENTERS INTO a new line of business that is not cohesive to the existing brand identity, rebranding is helpful. A comprehensive and integrated rebranding campaign was created  using a vast array of marketing techniques from e-commerce to direct marketing. Garden Botanika is a company that sells botanically based products. I chose to rebrand this company to deliver a sharper and cohesive image to their customers as they introduced a new line of products. A mockup of the new site that announces the launch of a new line is a must. Check original site.

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