Diaspora "The Art of Blackness" 2013

  • As the Art Director and Public Relations Chair for The MetroBoard of the Chicago Urban League, one of the highlights of my tenure has been the creation of The Diaspora "Art of Blackness" Exhibition. What makes
    this exhibition so special is that it is the only annual group arts-show jointly sponsored by The MetroBoard,
    The STA and The AIGA (chicago) in observance of Black History Month and in support of burgeoning
    African American artists.
    In broad contrast to the look and feel of the 2012 exhibition, this years exhibition "utilized" a Minimalist theme: a stark black and white color palette (an ode to the African ancestry of exhibiting artists) and bold typography were used to push the importance of Diaspora's mission for the 2013 sponsorship proposal.  
  • 2013 Exhibition Evite
    Similarly, the straight-forward composition of this years invite contrasts against a compelling animated gif
    to act as the perfect launchpad to initiate the exhibitions promotion.

  • Interactive/Social Marketing
    Typography also played a key role for the exhibitions viral/social promotion: a set of declarative buzzwords
    (dope, defiant, cold, bourgeois, inspiring) were created to both incite interest in the exhibition and act as
    an declarative artist statement (inclusive of all participating artists). 
    Attendees were introduced to this loaded language set via a custom Javascript marquee on the Diaspora
    website. Additionally, each buzzword was introduced to followers of the Diaspora social network (Twitter, Facebook, Eventbrite) via a slow reveal-like process (one per week) through posts on banner images, profile
    pics and news-feeds, leading up to the day of the exhibitions opening.
  • 2013 Atendee Buttons
    Finally, the 2013 messaging was reinforced with Diaspora branded buttons for all of the exhibitions attendees.