"Diamond Dust"

  • "Diamond Dust" 
  • This is a poster and postcard design for a forthcoming "live" exhibition to be held in February of 2012, at the Chrysler Museum of Art.  The two designs will be visible both to those who visit the museum, as well as members and other interested parties to which the postcard will be sent to.  The primary objective of these two designs is to promote and generate interest in the exhibition, which is to consist of a visit by a well-known New York artist, who will be creating a brand new piece live, in person, in the museum.  The main focus of the designs is the artist herself, who works with her fingers to create art with charcoal.  A dramatic portrayal of the artist and her charcoal-covered hands dominates the design, which is complemented in the background by subtle "streaks" as though made by her fingers.   A bright red color was chosen to make the copy pop, and the word "one" was given a special font that truly stands out.  Black and white, the colors of her charcoal work, are the main focus here, and the subtle elements in the background were meant to emphasize that point.
  • Diamond Dust Poster design (Photograph)
  • Diamond Dust Postcard design, front (Photograph)
  • Postcard design, front and back (Photograph)
  • Poster design, 14"x22", (Digital image)
  • Postcard design, front, 5.5"x8.5" (Digital image)
  • Postcard design, back, 5.5"x8.5" (Digital image)