Desmazières Gallery Guide

  • Desmazieres Gallery Guide
    Telfair Museums  Constucts and Inventions: The Etchings of Erik Desmazi?res Jepson Center May 15 - October 26, 2009
  • This booklet feature ~14 stunning images from the"Constucts and Inventions: The Etchings of Erik Desmazi?res" exhibitionat the Jepson Center May15 - October 26, 2009. This captivatingexhibition features a diverse selection of work by French printmakerErik Desmazi?res including architectural views, building interiors,grotesque figures, and still lifes. A fold out back cover was createdfor the limited edition books sold with editions of the print createdspecifically for the Telfair Acadmy. Won a 2010 Savannah Addy Bronze Award