Design's Fundamentals

  • Framing/cropping: Done with geometric shapes using copic pens.
  • Tessellation: One shape creates the pattern/design for the whole image. Drew, cut,
    and pieced together rough stencils until finalized (Photos above). Trying to give it the
    pop art and Southern California sense, I used fluorescent gel pens with black copics.
    The familiar shapes of Southern California: the sun, buildings, and palm trees.
    Inspired by M.C. Escher/Andy Warhol.
  • What was meant to start out as a tessellation project turned out to be these
    unrelated shapes that were connected by placement and geometric patterns.
  • Rapidograph Skills: This exercise was to improve and show any skills with the rapidograph/copic pen. 
    Using a 12-square grid to showcase textures of the ocean, and images of shells to surround
    the grid as well as be incorporated in the textures of the grid, this became the final image.a
  • The Line: The goal was to use surroundings shapes and white space to indicate a line/lines without
    drawing a the actual line that is the emphasis. The above three images show a succession.

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