Designathon '13: Special Olympics

Created: 02/26/13
Last Edited: 02/26/13
This year was the 5th annual Designathon at my school, Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. It is a 24 hour designing marathon where members of the school's AIGA group are put into groups with a faculty member. Each group is assignment a local non-profit group that is in need of design work that ranges from websites to branding to advertising.

The group I was in was given the task to design brochures for the Special Olympics Lancaster County group. The two brochures pictured are the two I designed, minus the type treatment that was designed by another group member.
  • OutsideĀ of the "funding" brochure.
  • Inside of the "funding" brocure.
  • Outside of the "recruitment" brochure.
  • Inside of the "recruitment" brochure.

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