Design for Non-Profit Organization

Created: 07/25/12
Last Edited: 11/22/12
Special Athletes Foundation provides children with disabilities the opportunity to experience the fun and challenge of participating in athletic events with their peers. Special Athletes Foundation raises money to support a variety of athletic venues that provide opportunities to special needs children (such as ISI Ice Skating, gymnastics, and school athletic teams). These athletic opportunities are crucial to our special needs children as they allow them to grow physically, mentally and emotionally in a strong, support team environment; reaching their highest potential within their chosen sport. These inclusion athletic opportunities are also crucial to our ‘normal’ children in developing strong character traits that include compassion, gratitude and service which will serve them well throughout their life. Athletic teams provide a unique opportunity for both ‘normal’ children and children with disabilities to interact and grow together with a lot of fun and laughter while building strong character traits and strong physical health.
  • Non-Profit Organization
    Special Skills Athletes Foundation
  • Logo for Special Skills Athletes Foundation
  • Poster for SSAF
  • Brochure for SSAF
  • Brochure for SSAF
  • Brochure for SSAF
  • Jacket design for SSAF
  • T-Shirt design for SSAF
  • Invitation card for SSAF

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