Department of Defense "TTER" UX / IA / section 508

  • Government executive organizations require tools for formulating consistent policy. Without a record for how policy was established, an organization charged with regulating industry risks inconsistent formulation of policy. Industry requires consistent policy to ensure a healthy, competitive marketplace.
    As a knowledge management system, this web application is used by teams of senior executives to articulate the precedents for existing policy. The system archives numerous government business content types that have contributed to the formulation of policy (e.g. emails, briefings, memorandums, directives, etc.). Each piece of precedent content in the system is tagged with metadata describing its relationship to existing policy.  
    As a technical lead for this system, I provided guidance and support for the development of this system's UX while contributing XHTML, Javascript, JQuery and CSS code. A system of faceted search controls with auto-complete fields were implemented to support the information architecture's navigation and help users calculate their relevant search results. An international color palette was used in the system's look and feel to emphasize the system's global scope.
    Technical details: This Microsoft .Net application made extensive use of JQuery to provide a highly customized user experience that included modern interactions (e.g. modal layers, autocomplete fields, animation as system feedback).