• Delectable logo design and packaging design has been featured in the recent issue of Logo Lounge and in the Top Design Professionals Critique 250 Package Designs and Explain What Makes Them Work.
  • Really Good Packaging Explained
    Top Design Professionals Critique 250 Package Designs and Explain What Makes Them WorkBy Rob Wallace, Bronwen Edwards, Marianne Klimchuk and Sharon Werner“This book, the second in the series following Really Good Logos Explained, addresses the elements of effective packaging vs. packages that aren’t successful and what makes a particular design more powerful or attention-getting than others. Four well respected design professionals--each of whom will specialize in the area of product packaging--evaluate the 300+ design examples in the book. Each author provides specific and to-the-point observations and critiques. ”We are proud to be featured in this book. Here’s what the authors write about this piece:MK:  Impulse purchasing is a rather useful marketing tool and in that regard, these colorfully smart striped canisters are definitely a strategic asset for a specialty café.  It is estimated that as much as 80% of candy and sweets purchasing is unplanned;  this eye-catching type built from colored stripes and fluorescent caps ought to attract some of those impulse buyers.RW:  Sure, this logo is almost impossible to read.  Sure, there are no visuals of the product inside to help drive appetite appeal and assist in flavor differentiation.  But just look at the impact it generates.  Just feel  the spirit that brings the brand.  This identity succeeds by breaking the rules.  Yes, it could work only for a precious specialty product in a select retail environment, but from purely visual perspective, wow!