Deerhunter Poster

Created: 05/15/11
Last Edited: 11/20/12
In Typographic Design class we were asked to design a poster around the lyrics of a song. The choice of song was up to us and while I had a list of potential songs written down that I'd love to illustrate it was while I was listening to 'Desire Lines' by Deerhunter that I was inspired to do this poster. I couldn't shake the image of an old 1900s motel with wood-grain walls and a gorgeous old elevator, and the poster follows those thoughts.
  • The visuals that formed in my head when listening to this song were various scenes from Twin Peaks, and the image of Isabella Rossellini in 'Blue Velvet' crooning in a night club, and that is what led my design decisions. I've included the song that inspired the poster for you to enjoy.

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