Decor a la Carte Website

Created: 12/09/11
Last Edited: 11/20/12
This website was designed and developed for middle tennessee based interior designer Peggy Reeves to market her interior design business.
  • Decor a la Carte Website
  • Middle Tennessee Interior Designer Peggy Reeves approached me about creating a website for her interior design business "Decor a la Carte." She requested a clean, modern look to appeal to her style conscious clientele. Taking a unique approach to Interior Design, Decor a la Carte needed a simple homepage that would introduce the company and a designated page for pricing and information about what Decor a la Carte is.

    Peggy was so pleased with her website that she asked Astute Design Studio to create collateral print materials that carried out the new look of Decor a la Carte. Astute Design Studio created a business card and menu of services so that Decor a la Carte has a cohesive identity on screen and in print.

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