Decisions Determine Destiny

  • Decisions Determine Destiny
    Student Project: Student Handbook & Planner
    Coastal Carolina University
  • College students areconstantly challenged on a daily basis with the liberty of making our owndecisions. And each decision they make, no matter how big or small, ultimatelyinfluences their destiny. Consequently, my objective was to conceptuallyillustrate how the network of good decision-making outweighs the bad. Thus, inorder to achieve this purpose, I utilized the structure of a flowchart to showhow all of my hypothetical decisions were interlinked with an outcome. 

    In essence, the front cover explores a network of gooddecision-making that escalates from one’s adherence to the student handbook inaddition to his or her participation at Coastal. The network stems from thehandbook to five healthy motives that drive a student to get involved:exploration, education, charity, passion, and school spirit. These fundamentalacts result in growth that propels a student to a greater level of success orinvolvement. By means of achievement, networking and engagement within theacademic realm, a student can ultimately perpetuate the character embodied bytheir mascot Chauncey, the Chanticleer. 

    On the other hand, not everyone in college makes good decisionspertaining to involvement. Therefore, the back cover exemplifies three choicesthat could potentially prove to be an endangerment to one’s college career andwellbeing. To provide clarity, these choices are drinking/nightlife,inactivity, and electronically entertainment.