Daylong Sun Protection

Created: 10/02/13
Last Edited: 06/01/14
Agency: TODA
Client: Daylong
Creative Director: Marcos Chavez, Thom Kajaba
Designers: Stine Nielsen

Daylong is one of those dream jobs—our clients had an open mind and a lot of trust in our recommendations, and the objective was to create a refresh within the brand’s Swiss heritage. Really? Yes. Really. Our TODA office in Hamburg managed most of the communication and creative direction, so I worked closely with Stine to create and fine-tune several concepts. Ultimately, our favorite design was selected (yes, that actually happened) and produced. The packaging embraces bold typography & vibrant colors to distinguish the formulas, the families, and the brand as a whole. All in all, the project took under a year due to the swift and efficient leadership within Spirig. You can view the feature on the dieline to hear a more formal review of the redesign.

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