David Owsley Museum Mobile Kiosk Design

  • David Owsley Museum Mobile Web Kiosk
    Designed and Coded
  • This was a project for my Visual Communications Technologies class.  The Ball State University David Owsley Museum wanted a kiosk to show off the African Art exhibit. Every student in the class was to submit a working design that we would design and code ourselves using html, css, and any other languages we chose to use for the best outcome. I used html, css, jQuery, and a little bit of javascript for the functionality. I had three main points of focus when designing and coding the project that I wanted to focus on; simplicity in design, friendly user interaction, and functionality. 
  •  The Index page shown above scrolls horizontally between pieces that can then be selected to view in more detail. 
  • When a piece is selected, the viewer can browse in-depth information about that piece, flip through images with multiple views of the piece, and even see the general region of origin.