David Gallup: California's Channel Islands book

  • David Gallup: California's Channel Islands
    Art book design, illustration and production
  • Specs:
    Fine cloth cover with gray foil stamp. Four-color wrap-around cover. Four color inside with custom pen & ink illustrations.
    David Gallup is a contemporary impressionist painter based out of California. In this book, David works with  biologist Betsy Crowfoot to educate and instill a sense of appreciation for the diverse terrain and wildlife native to five of the Pacific Channel Islands.

    While researching for the design of this book, I learned about the history of the area, the Chumash people native to the islands and the varying terrain and wildlife on each of the five islands.

    To support his style of work and to feature his paintings, I developed a clean, traditional layout, with a color palette based on the recurring hues of purple and gray throughout his body of work. To create context for viewers and to help tell the story of the islands, the Table of Contents spread was designed as a map of the area, with the Table of Contents itself enclosed in a rectangle, like a map key. I illustrated each of the islands on textured drawing paper using a piece of wood and black india ink for an authentic, hand-rendered quality that added to the story of his journey to each of these islands.