Dante's Inferno Chapbook

Created: 03/25/11
Last Edited: 12/04/12
A chapbook was a cheap, easy-to-produce publication from the Victorian era. My book doesn't necessarily fit that description. This book contains summaries of each canto or chapter of Dante's "Inferno" written in the 14th century. I wanted to try to keep the design of the book as authentic as possible to the time period. The page layouts are set up in the manuscript format, and the images are printed on vellum and tipped in onto the pages. I added my own modern touch to the layout with the broken circles motif. The broken, mechanical circles represent the levels of Hell. Throughout the book, you go deeper into Hell and I signify what level you are on with the broken circles. The cover was professionally leather-bound by Old Leather Books, Inc. in Massachusetts.
  • Dante's Inferno Chapbook
    7in x 7.25in x 0.5in
  • As mentioned before, the cover was professionally done by Old Leather Books, Inc. The book is cross stitched into a pull up leather book. The spine is covered in handmade marble pastepaper. I also had the title gold stamped on the cover as well as a decorative pattern heat stamped around the borders. For more information, please visit www.oldleather.com
  • The first page introduces you to the broken circle motif which I printed on black cover stock through a laser printer. The laser printer gives it a nice shine resembling a varnish. As you can see, I also die-cut a few of the segments to give the reader a hint of the next page and the title of the piece. 
  • This is the table of contents. I laid out the text in the same way as the broken circle motif from the previous page. I feel this layout builds on the broken circles idea while presenting the table contents in a fun and unique way. Here you are introduced the main body copy typeface: Du Bellay. I wanted a typeface that looked handset and letter pressed to reflect the time period. It also adds a bit of creepiness to the book, as if the content wasn't doing that already.  
  • Here is a sample spread. As you can see from the broken circles we are in the seventh level of Hell. The images throughout the book are a wide variety of mediums and artists. I did this to show how inspirational Dante's story is. The headline text is set in Lombardic as well as the illuminated capital.

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