Dance Marathon Illustrations

Created: 04/06/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
Two-part series of KU Dance Marathon Posters
  • Dance Marathon Posters
  • This two part series of posters was produced for the University of Kansas event, Dance Marathon. The different posters are meant to target different audiences in Lawrence Kansas. The posters ¬†are meant to draw people to attend the even or done with the bright, inviting colors used, and fun subject matter that people can relate to from the imagery shown.
  • This poster is meant to target the adult community around Lawrence that is able to donate money to the organization sponsored by the even, Children's Miracle Network.
  • This poster series of three different illustrations (shown below) was shown on the KU campus, and was aimed towards college students, intending to create desire to attend this event. ¬†These posters were a big success on campus and helped bring in a large crowd of students to the event.

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